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Spare Parts

Suspension and Steering Parts

Wishbones, hinges, steering links, track rod ends, axial joints, stabilizer bars and so forth

Rubber Parts

Control arm bearings, suspension unit bearings, engine bearings, transmission bearings, rear suspenison bearings, repair kits, stabilizer bearings, suspensions, collars and so forth

Flexible Cables

Clutch cable, brake cable, and so forth

Radiator Hoses

Water Hoses and so forth for motor vehicles

Coil Springs

Gas Springs

Gas springs for trunks and hoods and so forth

Piston Rings

Piston rings for all motor vehicle engines,according to DIN

Brake Hoses, Clamps

Oil & petroleum hoses, brake hoses and so forth, for cars

Repair Kits


Tension Rollers

Tension Rollers for cars, trucks and buses

Chain Adjuster

Chain Adjuster for cars

Special Manufacturing

Special manufacturing according to technical drawing or sample