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Erexim GmbH

Technology, Production, and Trade

Welcome to Erexim's portal for Technology Exchange,

where we proudly offer high-quality technical products, produced by our selected business partners from Türkiye.

Erexim's program is focused on the supply of spare parts for motor vehicle industry and mechanical engineering services

Due to our excellent knowledge of technology and our wide range of modern machines, we are confident to provide ideal, high-grade, competitive, and fast solutions that meet international standards to fit your special needs. By following a technical drawing or a prototype, parts made out of sheet metal, rubber & plastic components, steel, cast iron, forging steel and rubber-metal combinations can be reproduced in due time and shipped directly to your address Freight, Insurance and Duty Prepaid.

Fast and reliable delivery is a very important aspect of our quality-of-service policy.

If you are a wholesale dealer or an industrial producer interested in high quality and competitive replacement parts and industrial solutions; please feel free to contact us.

Erexim has the best solution for you - in a high quality manner with efficiency and competence!