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Pivotal, Purposeful, and Proven

Quality is an overarching concept for us including essential building blocks, like shape, material, machining, accuracy grade, and precision, as well. Quality also means having reliable business partners who are able to manage a sophisticated variety of supply distinguished by speedy delivery times, fast and flexible reaction, professional service, and competent contact partners ready to proactively work in strategic situations. Our warehouse is equipped with modern consignment units to ensure short reaction time and flexible delivery. Our business plan is constantly adjusted to your needs. We demand from all of our business partners a certificate of quality because quality is imperative for us.

It is also important for us to have a personal and long time relationship with our partners in order to build a circle of trust and reliance. After all, our high quality standard stems from this strong alliance of partners and is reflected in our pride. In March 2004, our system of quality management has been certified according to German TÜV standard DIN EN ISO 9001.

Expertise, competence and character, as well as social skills are instrumental values we seek from our staff. That's why we train our own employees since 1999.

For more than 25 years now, acclaimed wholesale importers and manufacturers from Germany and other European countries trust our quality of service and products.