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Industrial Supply

Piston Rings

Minute rings, nose rings, oil scraper rings and so forth (with straight, angular, overlapping joint usw.) with a diameter of 55 mm - 220 mm, according to DIN

Sheet Metal Parts, Clamps

Rubber Parts, Plastic Parts

Buffer, bearings, wheels, screens, solid bars, rings, hydrozyclones, strips, discs, and so forth for the mining, petroleum, construction, textile, glas, and food industry


Bushes, Pipes, Liners from Centrifugal Casting


Hydraulic hoses, oil & petroleum hoses, water hoses, food hoses, welding hoses, concrete hoses, sand hoses and so fort

Gas Springs

Gas springs for trunks and hoods and so forth

Elastomer Bearings

Elastomer bearings, rubber parts for construction industry

Special Manufacturing

Customized parts after technical drawing and or sample

Concrete Delivery Piston / Rubber Piston